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Solution Architecture Academy (studia w j.angielskim/ in English)

Contact Person: 

Leszek Siwik, PhD
building D-17, room 2.14
tel.: +48 12 328 34 00

The Head of postgraduate studies:

Leszek Siwik, PhD
building D-17, room 2.14
tel.: +48 12 328 34 00​​​​​​


Faculty of Computer Science

Kawiory 21 Street, 30-055 Kraków
building D-17, room 2.13

Characteristics of studies

Solution Architecture Academy is AGH and EPAM two-semester joint postgraduate study program aimed at preparing a graduate to work as an IT Solution Architect.

The program is run entirely in English and fully in online mode. 

The program includes three modules – Solution Architecture - Part I and Part II, and Project-based practice (internship). It covers the following topics: Solution architecture introduction, Introduction to Business Architecture, Architecturally significant requirements, Quality attributes, Architectural styles and patterns, Architectural modeling, Architecture documentation, Technology domain: Cloud, NoSQL, Search, Presales, Estimations, Discovery, construction, transition, TechnologyDomain: Web&Mobile, Architecture design, Architecture review, Technology domain: MOM and CACHE.

The internship and laboratory classes will be run by academic teachers and experienced industry experts from EPAM Systems – a leading IT company.  


Link to Syllabus

The study program includes 181 hours of lectures and laboratory classes and a three-month lasting internship where students, supervised by industry experts, will get experience in realizing real practical tasks.

Semester 1

  • Solution architecture introduction (lecture: 1hr)
  • Solution architecture introduction (workshop: 1hr)
  • Introduction to Business Architecture (lecture: 5hrs)
  • Introduction to Business Architecture (workshop: 5hrs)
  • Architecturally significant requirements (lecture: 4hrs)
  • Architecturally significant requirements (lecture: 3hrs)
  • Quality attributes (lecture: 4hrs)
  • Quality attributes (workshop: 3hrs)
  • Architectural styles and patterns (lecture: 5hrs)
  • Architectural styles and patterns (workshop: 7hrs)
  • Architectural modeling (lecture: 1hr)
  • Architectural modeling (workshop: 1hr)
  • Architecture documentation (lecture: 5hrs)
  • Architecture documentation (workshop: 5hrs)
  • Technology domain: Cloud, NoSQL, Search (lecture: 4hrs)
  • Technology domain: Cloud, NoSQL, Search (workshop: 4hrs)
  • Presales (lecture: 3hrs)
  • Estimations (lecture: 4hrs)
  • Estimations (workshop: 4hrs)
  • Discovery, construction, transition (lecture: 3hrs)
  • Discovery, construction, transition (workshop: 4hrs)

Semester 2

  • TechnologyDomain: Web&Mobile (lecture: 3hrs)
  • TechnologyDomain: Web&Mobile (workshop: 3hrs)
  • Architecture design (lecture: 4hrs)
  • Architecture design (workshop: 4hrs)
  • Architecture review (lecture: 3hrs)
  • Architecture review (workshop: 3hrs)
  • Technology domain: MOM and CACHE (lecture: 4hrs)
  • Technology domain: MOM and CACHE (workshop: 3hrs)

Project based practice (a part of the second semester)

  • Introduction (lecture: 17hrs)
  • Introduction (workshop: 1hr)
  • Project work (about 2,5 months includes mentoring and workshops) 
  • Presentation of the work (seminar: 6hrs)

Alumnus profile

The graduate will be familiarized with modern IT architecture and engineering best practices and with grounded skills in architecture designing, modeling, and reviewing and will be ready to take part in real industry projects as a (Junior) IT Solution Architect. In particular, the graduate will be the person who: 

  • has a deep understanding of the Solution Architecture concepts and terminology
  • knows what insights should be taken into account during the creation of an IT architecture that will satisfy the client’s needs
  • has a clear understanding of the most significant, focus-demanding, and influential factors, which might affect the architecture
  • understands the definitions of quality attributes, scenarios, and their role in architectural decisions and is able to use them in practice
  • is able to use the most efficient tools for Solution Architecture such as styles and patterns
  • is able to use tools and best practices which can be used for architecture modeling
  • has a clear understanding of the methods used for effective and rational documentation of the architecture and is able to use them in practice
  • is able to keep the development lifecycle in an efficient manner
  • applies customer-focused architecture and the entrepreneurial mindset to solve customer problems
  • is able to select appropriate tools and technical skills to collect and analyze data from a variety of sources
  • has grounded skills in using such tools as Jira, Miro, Git, Cloud, AWS, Power BI
  • applies project management skills such as scheduling, budgeting, and resource management
  • writes technical project reports and gives oral/multimedia presentations about their tasks
  • works effectively as part of a team to develop and demonstrate team norms and critique team effectiveness through peer evaluation
  • is able to identify their motivations, strengths, entrepreneurial mindset, and contributions within the field of engineering and critique their own skills and understanding through self-reflection.

Additional information

Two semesters 

Recruitment conditions, including admission requirements:

Successful candidates must:

  • have BS/MS diploma (engineering, IT, mathematics, physics, economy, or related are preferable)
  • pass English and technical test
  • have experience in one of the programming languages: Java, JavaScript, C#, or Python

Enrollment way:
Interested persons are kindly requested to contact us directly

  •  Limit of acceptance:
  • 25 min – 25 max
  • If the number of candidates meeting the recruitment criteria is greater than the number of available places, the order of applications decides about admission


There are currently no admissions to this programme.